I don’t like tube socks.

Allow me to come out at this point against tube socks. I know it’s not a huge issue on anyone’s mind right now what with the slow economic recovery and that lady with flesh-eating disease, but tube socks just really piss me off. They don’t fit…anything, but some piece of wood shaped exactly like a tube sock. And that seam at the toes does whatever the fuck it wants! Might’s well just toss a piece of wire into your shoe and allow it to land where it may. And there being no heel means there’s never a heel. You can wear it a thousand times and work in a thousand heels, basically inflating the sock in every direction nine inches from the toe so you’ve got some tricked out cotton Japanese lantern, drunk on sake, making very little sense. Ever. Tube socks are bad.

On a related note, no human has walked this earth looking better with a Mohawk than they would bald. Truism, that.

Equalized to Insanity

My daughter is now six and so liking her music and the music she likes is what you hear on KDWB. I know this because she asked me to tune to KDWB in our van on the way home from the cabin, which I did.

Now if you were ever at the Saloon or Gay 90s in the 80s you would believe as I do that much of this KDWB music has got to have been produced by the same dudes who were making all that 180+ BPM super-charged gay disco back then. But they spike the treble weirdly now, apparently to accentuate the teeth-grating auto-tune. After a while I just kind of wanted to punch someone.

But my daughter thinks it’s all cool so I’m prepping myself for music negotiations that will undoubtedly take place in the years to come. How often will Led Zeppelin win out over Lady GaGa?

It is my van.

Get out of my Facebook

Interesting article here. We’re finding things very similar with our clients and their Facebook presence. You can generally get people to “like” your company – especially if you offer something in return, but even if you stay truly active with your page, offering that “good content” that we all assume people are clamoring for, people seem to lose interest fast. I think there are a couple of reasons for that:

1.       As much as we all in the branding business like to believe it, people really don’t give a crap about most brands. Certainly there are some people who are serious brand advocates for a very small number of brands, but the other 99.99 percent of your customers just want what they want from you and then want you out of their face fast. (Unless you’re Apple, apparently.)

2.       I agree that by far the largest majority of people don’t go to Facebook to do business or engage with businesses or brands. They go there to chat and gossip and just hang out. Having a company/brand insert its face into that time is really kind of annoying to most people.

3.       People sense a sort of grim determination among companies to get onto Facebook and get into their face. It’s like they’re screaming “Look! Look how relevant we are! Cutting edge and all that!” And it all seems rather forced.

This could certainly change over time, but with all the brand messaging flying at each of us all day long, I really don’t see people welcoming it much more on their “social networking” site.