Is this the End of the Fresh Beat Band?

Yes, Exactly, The Real Deal, As it should be!!

If you care even remotely about the future of rock and roll (and our children), you should be sharpening your swords and loading your rifles for a complete assault on whoever at Nick Jr (aka The Evil Empire) replaced the lovely and talented Shayna Rose as Marina with Tyler Perry’s albino niece, Tara Perry in the Fresh Beat Band.

First of all, it all seems so manufactured in relation to a band that has worked its way up the hard way from their inception playing Rush covers in the romper room of Jon Beavers, also known as Twist, one of the foremost American DJ’s whose name is often mentioned with the likes of DJ Ice, DJ Cube, and Fatboy Slim, and whose reputation was solidified in ecstasy-drenched after-hours clubs in cities throughout the U.S. His arrest in 05 for selling 5o tabs to Gary Busey in a trailer in Moline had nothing but positive effects on his storied career.

Tript, as the band was originally called, before changing the name to The Fresh Beat Band, toured the states in a Chevy conversion van, playing smoke-filled, dive bars from Boston to Santa Barbara 6 nights a week, 50 weeks out of the year, sleeping in the van or flopping down on just about anyone who would take them’s couch or carpet. The Fresh Beat Band paid their dues, they were the real thing, authentic, I believe is the word. And now this? This top-down, management, screw with perfection crap? Unceremoniously tossing out Ms. Rose due to the heavy hand of Ms. Perry’s immensely powerful Hollywood uncle? Fail.

Nope. Carpet-bagger! Band-wrecker! Yoko Ono!

It’s wrong, I tell you. But nothing like the political shenanigans of the Sprout Morning Show producers.

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  1. vannessapira says:

    Marina looks beautiful!!!!!!!!

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