Last Call – Old age and the end of nature

Last Call
Old age and the end of nature

Edward Hoagland

This is the most beautiful and poignant essay on aging I’ve ever read. I’m not quite at his particular juncture of life, but I’m watching my parents get older in a similar manner, and his brave, thoughtful words ring so true. We young people (55 and below) run about cussing, fighting and carrying on, and those with the most wisdom, the deepest understanding of what really matters most, often are relegated to the sidelines. It begins: “Grandparents – double-domed or double-chinned, and approval dispensers, greenback machines, emeritus jungle gyms – may be fragile in health but must avoid smelliness as a consequence, or cranky outbursts, pompous pronouncements.” Dive right in!

Creating the link, I found out that you need to be a Harper’s subscriber to read it. Sorry about that. Or subscribe, if you’re looking for some fun readables!

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