Melle Mel ain’t rockin’ so well.

Oh, Gods, he is at it again. Mel Gibson, the troubled, dumb-addled, bajillionaire bonehead has added to his credibility smashing actions yet another rant that smacks of good old-fashioned dumbass racism. You read this stuff and wonder just how stupid the man is and then how on earth someone that stupid can rise that high in hollywood. Not that acting necessarily calls for genius intellect, but you’d think he’d be just a little smarter, have just a bit more class than your average hillbilly. In his defense, however, one must look at his father and the man who raised him. If the nut don’t fall far from the tree, then the nutbag tree deserves some blame for this. It is interesting that if I said what he did, first of all no one would record it and for the most part the world wouldn’t care, but we really do expect public figures to have the smarts to keep that shit on the down-low. And if they don’t, they really should not be public figures. They are paid handsomely so they should not act so downright ugly. Fade away, Mel. There are far better actors who can stand in for any future projects.

7-14-10 – it’s gotten much worse. Really sick, twisted mind worse.

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