Fun Boy Terry

I came across The Colour Field’s Virgins and Philistines, saw the cover, knew I had listened to it some, but dropped the needle and was shocked at how fucking great it is. Terry Hall’s truly most fully Terry full-length album. Cruel Circus, Thinking of You, Hammond Song. Trinity for Terry. Some crap also. Sorry. (Not really.)

Fun Boy Three. Hello, I’m Luke, and I’m going to enjoy myself now. First off, bad – ain’t what you do – hair for Terry on the cover, but circling with a couple of Specials – Lynval, Neville, all’s right with the world. Really very Terry album as well – the right link between the Specials and solo Terry. Awesome, original, tribal – terrific. Certainly as cool as Bananarama ever done as well. They’ve taken over the asylum.

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