Conflict Matters

For some evolutionary reason, we need conflict in our lives; it’s kind of what keeps us alive and moving, right? Take away all conflict and we’re floating like protected manatees in some rich Floridian’s backyard, or our future selves on the spaceships sucking on Big Gulps in Wall E.

Conflict is in very decision we make. Yes or No, damn it!? We even crave conflict. A story without conflict is like sex without any real connection. Sure, it works, but who are you??  And why did you do that to me?

Toss in a gun, a car chase, fire, a screaming match and you got a deal!

Don’t think for one second that our nation and in fact, world, is not acting more and more like the guests on Jerry Springer from the 1990s. Add in the Internet and just imagine the endless and egregious stupidity.

Then you got Trump and the Republicans weaponizing the very idea of conflict to control their base. “Everyone’s your enemy, my MAGA adherents! Hate the libs! Own the libs.” And it works. Scarily well.

Love, accept, give more, take less.




Religion is happiness placebo. Sometimes it works.

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