know then thyself, presume not cinema to scan

Anything that tries to take over more than one of your senses at a time is suspect – and that’s why I just don’t trust television – because it gives me both sound and vision; and that means I don’t need to do shit and that’s bad; that’s rather fucking passive. And I’m not passive. Books, radio and music allow me to imagine the images; visual art allows me to insert dialogue, create my own soundtrack, to over-dub whatever it is that I’m thinking about it. Television and movies are like how them sad little chickens destined for our convenience are fed, what with their beaks being ripped off and tubes punched down their little gaping maws so they eat and eat and eat-right exactly what we’re telling those untrustworthy all-too-skinny little chickens to eat. Eat up! Pay attention! You don’t need to do a thing. Just sit quietly.

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