Scoping the Horoscope

My birthday is today and thanks to Holiday Mathis, the Horoscoper (?) in the Star Tribune, I have some idea of how this next year will play out. See, I figure that anyone with a name as celebratory as Holiday must have something special going on and the ability to see into my future is certainly plausible. So here she goes:

Your birthday today: What has been trying in the past will now be much easier for you to accomplish. [Sounds good so far!] Next month, you’ll be shown favor by those who are difficult to impress. January brings important financial transactions. Lifestyle upgrades come in May. [Hoo, boy!] Gemini and Virgo people contribute generously to your life. Your lucky numbers are: 20, 1, 4, 44 and 18.

Good stuff! However, “important financial transactions” is all well and good but Holiday isn’t saying if those are in my favor (win the lottery!) or against me (foreclosure!). So then that whole “Lifestyle upgrades” could be following a foreclosure so that could mean a one-bedroom in Blaine after a few months of homelessness. She’s crafty, that Holiday, always leaves me guessing!

But I am going to note those months in Outlook with Holiday’s predictions to see just how accurate she is. I’m thinking that the Star Tribune wouldn’t hire her if she wasn’t a well-vetted, stand-up, card carrying, bonded and insured horoscoper. Here we go!

One thought on “Scoping the Horoscope

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