Quite honestly, I just don’t trust this guy.

I wouldn't trust him

Maybe you’ve seen him on the gas pump of a SuperAmerica. He’s there with his craggy misshapen beard, the sparse comb-over, logger shirt, and check it out ā€“ closed eyes. This guy looks dangerous to me. I have this feeling that as soon as Becky completes the transaction on her end (let’s call her Becky), this dude’s going to poke a knife into her, grab handfuls of cash from the register, and bug out of that place right quick. Look at him. He’s not right. He’s just not right. She’s kind of hot though.

But there’s also this Skintastic guy. Check out the pencil-thin mustache and the creepy leering. Don’t trust him. Again, she’s kind of hot.

...and that's why your mom calls me her little mosquito!"

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