How is any of this surprising?

All from one week, Health & Science, of The Weekgreat mag for staying dialed in…

Postpartum perfectionism

“New mothers who are overly concerned about being the ‘perfect parent’ may be more at risk for postpartum depression…”

Yeah, the reality of a baby quickly destroys any notion of perfectionism, and if you depended on that, you’re going to be depressed. .

For giraffes, length matters

“…some researchers now suggest that the long necks actually have more to do with sex…”


Addicted to love

“If you’re having a really hard time getting over a broken romance, it could be because you’re literally addicted to love…”

That, religion, and TV are the true opiates of the masses.

Health scare of the week
Kids die in hot cars

Can happen, but I stayed in a 73 Oldsmobile station wagon for some time outside stores without any negative effect. Other than I know waiting in a car for a long time for someone is fucking boring.

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