McChrystal Meltdown

Not sure if it’s really news that a general is unhappy with the White House, but it does say something about the general’s character that he would be vocal, public and disseminate his views through a magazine that thinks Kurt Cobain is, like, still fucking awesome!

The Rolling Stone article, in which General Stanley McChrystal and his staff are disparaging of the President, Vice President and others, is most interesting for how much it reveals the level of dumbass insipidness of those military masterminds. Here’s an excerpt pulled from a CBS news article online:

In the piece, McChrystal and his staff’ openly mock the vice president:

“Are you asking about Vice President Biden?” McChrystal said. “Who’s that?”

“Biden?” said a top aide. “Did you say: Bite Me?”

Ha Ha! Oh, man, you fuckers are hilarious! Only a truly TOP AID could come up with “Did you say: Bite Me?” HA HA! No wonder they’ve risen so high in the military machine!! The writer probably slipped a couple of sweet brownies into the morning buffet to get those cats to be so damn funny.

But just maybe McChrystal wants to be fired, because seriously, who would want the job to win the unwinnable war in Afghanistan? We could bring the entire population of Texas (W along with them) down on Afghanistan and those people would fight until the last Afghani stood (which would probably be after the last Texan did). They’ve cut their teeth on many an army and with the poverty, opium, religion, zealotry, Taliban and terrain, no outside army has a virgin’s chance at a suicide bombers’ convention there.

So really, what is the best thing that could happen to McChrystal right now? He gets the fuck out of Afghanistan and retires to a life of fishing and maybe, just maybe, writing sweet jokes for Jay Leno.

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