the nits?

I find it beautiful that our world is as big as it is. We can go through life – me, born in 63, now 47, and hear a band begat in 74 that is as good as any band i’ve ever heard. The Nits. Really? Where on earth have they been? Where on earth have I been?

cloning carpenters

There’s a lot of talk about cloning and whether or not it should ever extend to humans, which we all know will eventually happen somewhere by someone and the seal will be broken. If those people lead good lives (clones, mind you), the practice will have to be accepted lest we discriminate against clones. They have as much right to live as you do, they have as much right to be brought in to this world as you do. So it’s a done deal and even if you have deep reservations about it, I’d ask you to think about one thing: What if instead of just cloning, we cloned Karen Carpenter? You can’t possibly disagree with that! Karen died way too young and how sweet would it be if you could go into any crappy little lounge with a singer and it was a Karen Carpenter? Clone Carpenter, of course. How sweet would that be?! I would argue that I get the original, the flagship clone, as it were, because it was my idea. I would enslave her like an ipod and she would hang out with me and sing upon request. Karen Carpenter. We all miss you, everyone.

I don’t believe in heaven, except for Karen Carpenter. It makes perfect sense that she would be there, live, in full angelic voice. The rest of you, no chance.

More Karen is better than one.

Fun Boy Terry

I came across The Colour Field’s Virgins and Philistines, saw the cover, knew I had listened to it some, but dropped the needle and was shocked at how fucking great it is. Terry Hall’s truly most fully Terry full-length album. Cruel Circus, Thinking of You, Hammond Song. Trinity for Terry. Some crap also. Sorry. (Not really.)

Fun Boy Three. Hello, I’m Luke, and I’m going to enjoy myself now. First off, bad – ain’t what you do – hair for Terry on the cover, but circling with a couple of Specials – Lynval, Neville, all’s right with the world. Really very Terry album as well – the right link between the Specials and solo Terry. Awesome, original, tribal – terrific. Certainly as cool as Bananarama ever done as well. They’ve taken over the asylum.

la musica la musica de Grand Funk

grand funk railroad: good singin’ good playin’

grand funk railroad good singin' good playin' cover jpgRight on both counts, right? Frank Zappa produced little hitless gem of an LP. Honest, unabashed rock and roll – from the jumpin’ can you do it to son don’t let ’em take your gun, the coolest, rockinest song ever sanctioned by the NRA. Stylistically, the record fits tight-glove-like smack-dab in the middle of 1976. Takes me back to my 7 year old brother painting




on to the garage door. (Spelling his. Repainting Dad’s) But this album speaks to me of that era deeply. good singin’ good playin,’ honestly, right?

La Musica La Musica de Los Altered Images

Pinky Blue, See Those Eyes, Forgotten, Little Brown Head, Song Sung Blue…I Could Be Happy. Altered Images: Pinky Blue. One of the eighties, truly eighties, thinking boo tune albums. Monstrously precious and well-timed cuteness. Musically awesome. Martin Rushent producing. I wondered recently if it was the inspiration to Pinky Dinky Doo (?) the cartoon storytelling punkin what with the brother and the time travel or whatever. It’s too precious to be in heavy rotation but recognizably right on! What to do. What to do.

Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers

Listening to ZZ Top’s Tres Hombres LP and going back in time to the 10 year old with his sweet new album and feeling cool and old and Waiting for the Bus All Day and Jesus Just Left Chicago and staring at the pics of them like I did back then big fat headphones wrapped firmly around little head and that spread of food in the middle fold and lamenting the fact they are so defined by those fucking beards now. Once hell raisers now hair follicles. Really?

This does, however, remind me of just how awesome they were – add to the aforementioned songs, Move Me on Down the Line, Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers, La Grange… There’s not a rock band in the world that gets it that wouldn’t give their collective left nut to have made that album. Smart, clean, simple, straightforward rock and roll. Have You Heard?

mexican feast!