Quite honestly, I just don’t trust this guy.

I wouldn't trust him

Maybe you’ve seen him on the gas pump of a SuperAmerica. He’s there with his craggy misshapen beard, the sparse comb-over, logger shirt, and check it out – closed eyes. This guy looks dangerous to me. I have this feeling that as soon as Becky completes the transaction on her end (let’s call her Becky), this dude’s going to poke a knife into her, grab handfuls of cash from the register, and bug out of that place right quick. Look at him. He’s not right. He’s just not right. She’s kind of hot though.

But there’s also this Skintastic guy. Check out the pencil-thin mustache and the creepy leering. Don’t trust him. Again, she’s kind of hot.

...and that's why your mom calls me her little mosquito!"

So few Americans

“I said that no party held the privilege of dictating to me how I should vote. That if party loyalty was a form of patriotism, I was no patriot, and that I didn’t think that I was much of a patriot anyway, for oftener than otherwise what the general body of Americans regarded as the patriotic course was not in accordance with my views; that if there was any valuable difference between being an American and a monarchist it lay in the theory that the American could decide for himself what is patriotic and what isn’t; whereas the king could dictate the monarchist’s patriotism for him – a decision which was final and must be accepted by the victim; that in my belief I was the only person in the sixty millions – with Congress and the Administration back of the sixty million – who was privileged to construct my patriotism for me.”

Mark Twain
From his biography and prior to 1911
We are so many monarchists
And so few Americans

learn after you leap

“Scientists concluded that … frogs learned to leap before they learned how to land,” which is obvious at one level, I suppose, but also inspiring at another. Not only for many of us who experience a certain amount of trepidation when up against that moment that separates the leapers from the losers, but for frogs, as well, who’ve been relegated to croaking, slow-moving blobs by much of popular culture.

It’s hard to learn how to land without leaping first, but having the fortitude to leap first is where the excitement begins. Suddenly, I wish I were more like a frog.